Assistance and full
heart treatment

We offer evaluation check-up in cardiovascular risk, especially recommended for smokers, overweight adults or people under stress.

Due to our center’s features (professional equipment and diagnosis from a first-class hospital) we can offer full programs of physical, like the cardiovascular risk check-up whether is for prevention or after a heart attack or other vascular incidents.

In the Cardiology clinic of the Costa Brava hospital we have a specialist in cardiovascular risk and another in thromboembolic disease. Besides the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of any heart diseases and circulatory system (blood vessels), we can provide treatment for the complex chronic patient.

High-quality assistance, last-gen technology, customized attention and cardiovascular prevention

As always, we strive to provide the patient the most customizable attention and an exhaustive monitoring of all the healing process, with visits not programmed by schedule, but rather the patient’s own needs. We have the necessary technology to do any additional, non-invasive, explorations in the same center, so we assure patients a full service.

The third pillar of our offer, is prevention: we promote cardiovascular education, with special stress in the sports field and health education.

Our services

  • · General cardiology consultation: first visit (visit + electrocardiogram + color Doppler echocardiogram) and follow-up visits.
    · Prevention and full treatment of cardiovascular risk: visit + electrocardiogram + color Doppler echocardiogram + stress test + carotid duplex.
    · Sports cardiology: visit + electrocardiogram + color Doppler cardiogram + stress test.
    · Family heart disease exam, heart failure and dyspnea.
    · Ischemic cardiopathology exam, angina pectoris and chest pain.
    · Cardiac arrhythmias exam, palpitations and syncope.

Furthermore, we will perform the following diagnostic techniques:

  • · Surface electrocardiogram
    · Ambulatory electrocardiography (Holter monitor)
    · Stress test
    · Color Doppler echocardiogram
    · Pharmacologic stress echocardiogram
    · Arterial blood pressure monitoring (MAPA)
    · Supra-aortic trunks duplex
    · Tilt table test

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We are the only center in all Girona that can offer the tilt test, an exam for syncope diagnosis.


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