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Midwife department

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During pregnancy

  • · Pregnancy monitoring
    · Labor preparations

During labor

  • · Home visits at the start of labor
    · Laboring at the hospital with your midwife of choice 


  • · Postpartum monitoring
    · Breastfeeding consulting
    · Childcare consulting

Pregnancy monitoring

In the first visit of your pregnancy, the midwife will handle you all the necessary information and advice related to diet, exercises, healthy habits and check-ups during gestation.

In the following visits, whether by medical choice or your own, will be done every 4 weeks to keep track of weight, sanitary education and (if needed) smoke quitting.

The visit to talk about labor is after 30-32 weeks. We will talk about the labor plan and we will answer any doubts about the labor and the type of labor you want to have. We will also explain the perineal massage and the preparation of the layette.

All visits will last for about 30 minutes, and will be done in the External Consultations area of the hospital.

Labor preparation

The preparation program will develop in 8 sessions, 2-hours-long each, one day per week. They are group sessions of 4-6 couples at most.

In case you prefer it, we also offer individualized labor preparation sessions in Catalan, Spanish, English and French. In this case we will adapt the sessions to the specific needs of the couple.


In the first moments of labor, the midwife will move to your home to make a first evaluation and support you during dilatation. When the time has come to go to the hospital, the midwife will be at your side to help you during the whole process.

Postpartum monitoring

For visits after giving birth you can come to the doctor’s office, but if you prefer it, we can also visit you at home. This visit will be done the first day you go back home after labor, at the time of your choosing.

In this visits, the midwife will do a general health check-up: uterus, perineum, breasts, vitals… and will assist you with breastfeeding or formula feeding. If you want, as well, the midwife can also help you during the baby’s first bath.

Breastfeeding consulting

A midwife will move to go to your home to assist you with any incident during breastfeeding or to give you any needed support.

Childcare consulting

A midwife can also go to your home to explain you about childcare in the first month in your baby’s life.

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