Medical director Dr. Onel Morales Torres. Anesthesiologist


Infiltrations are no more than injections in a tendon or joint that is giving you pain. Within the injection there are corticoids (a potent inflammatory) and a local anesthetic.

The goal with this procedure is always give a local inflammatory solution with enough potency to balance a previously unbalanced situation (tendonitis, arthritis, muscle strain…) due to a trauma, muscle overload, etc.

It is a minimally invasive technique, easy and quick (2-3 minutes), and almost painless and does not require any early preparations. The most evident benefit is that avoids pill intake and, because of applying it directly where it hurts, the medicine works on the affected area. This reduces drastically any side effects of drugs inside the body.

Side effects of infiltrations are rare and usually minor. A few hours after the infiltration it might hurt and you might have to take a paracetamol. It is a rarer that a reversible injury appears (bruises, color loss or loss of skin thickness). Another (but even rarer) side effect is the local infection, which manifests with pain and fever, redness and inflammation in the area after 24-48 hours of the injection. Diabetic patients might see their blood glucose levels rise in the following days after the infiltration.

Advice for patients that need to have an infiltration

  • · Do not do major efforts with the limb where you have received the infiltration in the next 24 hours after the injection. After that, you will be able to move it as usual.
    · Visit quickly your doctor if after 24-48 hours after the infiltration you run a fever, suffer muscle pains or redness in the area.

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