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Internal medicine treats diseases from within the body. Compared to surgery, which treats diseases from the outside, internal medicine is based on acting from an accurate diagnose and the specialized use of pharmacology.

This is a medical specialty with a long historical tradition, which takes care of the assistance to the adult patient in a holistic way. The specialists in internal medicine were formed upon the principle that no disease is unknown to them. The technologic development of our hospital enables them an integral view of the patient, and the internal medicine and infectious diseases clinic works in tandem with the rest of the specialties, preserving the global vision about the patient’s problems and avoiding the atomization of the treatment.

In current hospital medicine, internal medicine is the focal point where the specialties of allergology, gastroenterology, cardiology, endocrinology and nutrition, infectious diseases, geriatrics, hematology, intensive medicine, nephrology, neurology, oncology, radiotherapy oncology, pneumology, rheumatology and autoimmune diseases work from. Special mention for the thromboembolic diseases and urgent assistance in case of cerebral vascular accident (stroke).

75% of the patients that get admitted to the hospital have any sort of base disorder that will make the internal medicine staff be on the lookout for their development. With the support of the central services and the staff itself, we can perform diagnostic tests or treatments with new and advanced techniques (diagnose and treatment endoscopy, interventionist radiology, etc.) The specialists from this clinic are quite versatile, knowledgeable in many areas and very effective in solving complex and overlapped diseases.

Infectious diseases

We have achieved very successful results in the prevention and treatment of the HIV infection and hepatitis C.

Microbiology and parasitology continue to be essential because diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms has been constant in the history of mankind. Controlling and treating infectious diseases correctly has a direct impact upon the community’s health. Microbiologists work enables us to know the etiology of infectious diseases and the ever changing microbial populations, identifying the new pathogens and documenting their antibiotic resistance patterns, and search for alternative means of treatment.

In the infectious diseases department, we offer full and individualized assistance with plenty of experience in the management and treatment of tuberculosis and other imported diseases. Additionally, we are capable of diagnose tropical diseases, and even rarer ones.

Some infectious diseases have a social aspect added in that makes them harder for a person to accept diagnosis, therefore hampering the start of the treatment. That is why, beyond the high-quality medical assistance, our staff guarantees confidentiality and we will make sure that you feel listened to and in company at all times.


  • · Diagnose and treatment of infection by breathing pathogens
  • · Decrease of tuberculosis
  • · Etiologic diagnose of sepsis, bacterial meningitis and other infections of organic liquids
  • · Urinary infections; urine sediment study and aurochs and urinary system morphology
  • · Digestive infections. Etiologic diagnose of acute enteritis, and detection of the Clostridium difficile toxin and Helicobacter pylori
  • · Sexually transmitted diseases: etiologic diagnose of genital infections
  • · Mycobacterium: tuberculosis diagnosis. Our mycobacterium department has special facilities and biosafety measures


  • · Control of the flu and other breathing viral infections
  • · Measles, rubella and mumps eradication programs
  • · Automatized serology
  • · Direct detection of antigens upon pathologic product
  • · Cell culture and molecular biology, throughout qualitative and quantitative techniques to amplify nucleus acids and sequencing methods to detect mutations of antiviral resistance
  • · Specialized department for the detection and treatment of HIV
  • · Pathogenesis of the hepatitis B and C viruses


  • · Entomology and vector monitoring
  • · Toxoplasmosis
  • · Intestinal parasitosis


· Diagnose and treatment of infections by fungi (mycosis)



30% of the infected by the HIV does not know they are, indeed, infected. An early diagnose and an effective treatment can improve their quality of life, extend their survival and, of course, avoid the spread of the virus.

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