Medical director Dr. Onel Morales Torres. Anesthesiologist


A well-standing medical center such as ours could not think of working without a strong anesthesia and resuscitation clinic, medical specialization that takes care of pain easing and global assistance of surgical patients.

A successful surgical procedure starts with the correct assessment of the patient in the pre-operational exam to determine their status before doing something as important as anaesthetizing. That is why the pre-operational exam is no joke for us, it is the first contact with a great set of professionals that will take full care of your disease, even going as far as the subsequent pain to the surgery or the pain that is conditioning their life (this pain can be acute or maybe it has been going for a long time and has become chronic).

Even though what happens inside the surgical area may create fear, we try our best to explain and manage everything that belongs to the type of anesthesia or sedation, and if our patient needs it, we will also control and reestablish the homeostasis process. 

  • Pre-anesthesia

Before any surgical procedures, we need to check the general health status of our patient. It does not matter which type of procedure, all of our anesthesiology processes need to be done after the cardiorespiratory evaluation of the patient.

  • General anesthesia

The evaluation of how depth your sleep is (provoked by drugs and depending on the type of procedure needed) requires of great knowledge and precise control, that is why we will keep an exhaustive monitoring during the surgical procedure, with our specialist always at the lookout.

  • Loco-regional anesthesia

We include here all the anesthesia made on important parts of the body. It might be core anesthesia such as epidural which injects the drug in the subarachnoid space, or peripheral anesthesia like when we sedate nervous plexus or peripheral nerves with ultrasound.

  • Resuscitation

This specialty has the responsibility of taking care of the patient before, during and after the surgery. The beginning of the surgery is very important for the preparation and relief of the patient, and the afterwards until guaranteeing the full recovery of the patient after an anesthesia whether is general or regional. Sometimes, this waiting can be demoralizing for those outside, but it is very important to understand that it is a delicate moment where the patient needs to be monitored constantly to assure their recovery. Of course, companions will be informed of every step of the process. 

  • Sedation

Sedations are usually essential to make some explorations or little procedures, especially in cases such as colonoscopy, bronchoscopy or some radiology ones that need biopsy or injecting contrast substances in very complex explorations. 

  • Pain clinic

Chronicity or a pain’s persistency can become quite conditioning in a patient’s life, that is why our anesthesiologists have developed to be true pain specialists and are able to offer the right treatment depending on the cause of the pain.

Like we know that we need to visit a gastroenterologist if we have a persistent intestinal pain, we need to start accepting that we do not need to keep enduring a persistent pain more than its acceptable healing time. Nowadays, every health organization acknowledges chronic pain as a disease in itself.

Depending on the type and location of pain, the specialist can choose to make an intravenous treatment through an infusion pump, make a joint or nerve root block, local or regional infiltrations or radiofrequency thermocoagulation. 

Most frequent pain trigger points:

  • · Back pain and sciatica
    · Cervical and cervicobrachial pain
    · Back strain
    · Sacroiliac joint pain
    · Pelvic and perineal pain
    · Neuropathic pain
    · Craniofacial pain
  • · Trigeminal neuralgia
    · Disc prolapse



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