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Scarless prostate procedures

Benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) is fairly common in men over 40 years-old and it provokes obstructive symptomatology. At 50 years-old, the prevalence is around 50% and gets increasingly high with age. The necessity to perform a procedure is decided depending on the symptomatology of the patient, the obstruction ratio (analyzed by flowmetrics) and the calculation of urinary waste (urine remaining at the end of the micturition).

 Transurethral prostate resection (TPR)

TPR is an advanced surgical procedure for the treatment of the symptoms caused by benign prostate gland hyperplasia, among other pathologies. It is based on the removal of the central portion of the prostate through the urethra. With the patient under anesthesia, the surgeon performs incisions on the prostate that allows to extract the prostate tissue which produces the blockage. This tissue gets analyzed in the Anatomic Pathology lab. After the procedure, patients experience an immediate relief of the obstructive symptomatology.

Trigono-cervical-prostatectomy (TCP)

TCP is a procedure addressed to patients with moderate or severe obstructive symptomatology without hypertrophied prostate (less than 30 cm3). This surgical technique is also performed through the urethra and consists of making cuts inside the prostate until reaching its capsule. The next step is to expanding its space for the prostatic urethra, which helps immensely when urinating and immediately improves the symptomatology.

Prostate surgery through endoscopy by plasma vaporization

With this surgery we can achieve the enucleation of the obstructive prostate. It is an advanced procedure applied via the urethra too, but also has the following advantages: the surgery time gets reduced, it also reduces the blood loss during the surgery and has less effect on the tissue and the peripheral nerves in the area.

High-frequency bipolar current electrodes are used. They are emitted from what we call “crown” which is the spherical end that will be slid against the surface without touching it because its proximity already provokes the vaporization of the tissues we need to erase. The coagulation gets done simultaneously and avoids blood loss, so we can perform it on some men which suffer some base pathologies that could prove complicated in this procedure..


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