Medical director Dr. Ramon Valls Garcia. Rheumatologist

Remedies for
joint pain

We apply innovative techniques for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic pathologies.

In the Rheumatology clinic we treat mechanical and inflammatory problems of the joints, muscles and tendons, and we take special care to inflammatory rheumatism.

Collaborating with the Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery we can make a global approach to any surgery which involves the locomotive system. We can offer the most advanced techniques such as the small-needle arthroscopy.

The list of pathologies we can treat is:

Acute and chronic inflammatory rheumatisms

  • · Arthritis
  • · Rheumatoid arthritis
  • · Spondyloarthropathy
  • · New treatments with biological drugs

Bone metabolism diseases

  • · Osteoporosis
  • · Paget’s disease
  • · Other metabolism diseases
  • · New bisphosphonate-based treatments

Connective tissue diseases

  • · LES
  • · Sjögren syndrome
  • · Scleroderma
  • · MMTC
  • · Raynaud
  • · Other connective pathologies
  • · Immunosuppressant-based treatments

Soft tissue rheumatology

  • · Shoulder pain
  • · Rheumatology of the soft parts of the hand and elbow
  • · Rheumatology of the soft parts of the hip, knee and feet
  • · Undetermined origin joint pain
  • · Pinched peripheral nerve
  • · Evaluation of the joint activity in inflammatory rheumatisms

Other rheumatic pathologies

  • · Vasculitis
  • · Reumatisme per microcristalls
  • · Patologia del raquis
  • · Artropatia degenerativa

We prevent osteoporosis; preventive medicine to slow down the development of osteoarthritis; early rheumatism diagnosis; diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia and treatment of the autoimmune condition.

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