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In prostate surgery, we apply innovative techniques (like transurethral resection or vaporization) throughout cystoscopy, which allow for a quick recovery and avoid unnecessary hemorrhages and external scars.

In the urology clinic we develop programs of early screening of prostate cancer. We also diagnose and treat any kind of disease or pathology (including tumor ones) which affects the urinary tract, adrenal gland, retroperitoneum, pelvic cavities or male genitalia.

Advanced diagnose systems


To perform this procedure (which enables to see how the urinary bladder works) the hospital is equipped with last-gen technology which guarantees the best test results.

Urodynamics is an exploration which fully studies how the lower urinary tract is working and because it simulates the physiologic work of the urinary bladder, it can recreate and detect any disorders present in patients and determine its importance. The exploration is performed outpatiently, and it allows the specialist to offer their patients the best treatment and choose the right surgical technique for the case.

This study can be applied for both men and women, especially on cases of urinary incontinence, intravesical blockage or voiding disorder.


  • · Incontinence study and treatment (pharmacological, surgical and rehabilitation)
  • · Prostatic pathology treatment
  • · Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation treatment
  • · Urinary lithiasis in the bladder (stones), kidneys or ureter treatment
  • · Oncological pathologies treatment (prostate, bladder, kidney, testicle or penis tumors)


  • · Prostate surgery
  • · Kidney surgery
  • · Ureter surgery
  • · Bladder ptosis
  • · Urinal bladder surgery (incontinence surgery)
  • · Laparoscopy or minimally-invasive surgery for renal pathologies
  • · Oncologic surgery on all of the urinary tract
  • · Diagnostic and treatment endourology
  • · Pediatric surgery (hydroceles, cryptorchidism)

Minor surgery (without admission)

  • · Phimosis
  • · Vasectomy
  • · Hydroceles
  • · Varicoceles
  • · Spermatocele
  • · Diagnostic cystoscopy*
  • · Orchiopexy
  • · Ritual circumcision, because of religious reasons

*with last-gen flexible cystoscope that gives better resolutions and inflicts less hindrance to patients.

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