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We offer you a wide array of tests, with guaranteed quality and safety from our renowned, professional staff with plenty of experience backed up by last-gen equipment.

At the diagnostic imaging clinic, we use the most advanced technologies to guarantee the right diagnose. We work coordinately with the different specialties so that these studies can make us choose the most suitable treatment for each case.

Regular radiology

X-rays enable us to obtain images that are then visualized in HD screens (digital radiology). Regular radiology studies are the first technology used in the diagnosis of multiple diseases. It is a painless process and always uses the minimal amount to obtain the image and the diagnose benefit.

X-rays can be harmful for the development of the fetus; so if you suspect you might be pregnant, please tell it to your professional as soon as possible.

Contrast radiology

Some regular radiology tests require the use of contrast solutions for the correct visualization of the digestive tube, urinary ways, uterus and fallopian tubes.

Some of the tests we offer are:

  • • Mammography
  • • Pyelogram
  • • Fistulography
  • • Cystography
  • • Esophagram
  • • Intestinal passage
  • • Hysterosalpingogram

Ultrasound scan

An ultrasound scan is an innocuous test that uses ultrasounds to study the internal organs. Our clinic staff has plenty of experience, studies and can perform any type of these scans.

Computerized tomography

Computerized tomography uses X-rays and allows an accurate and detail-rich evaluation of the insides of different body parts:

  • • Skull
  • • Spine, knee, sacrum, thigh, ankle, elbow, shoulder, wrist
  • • Paranasal sinus
  • • Neck
  • • Thorax
  • • Abdomen

This scan is also painless; it can only become a bit annoying if a contrast solution needs to be used (only in cases when it is imperative to use it). Total duration of the exploration is usually 15 minutes, more or less. During this time, the patient is communicated with the technician making the scan at all times.

Magnetic resonance (MRI scan)

A MRI scan is a technique that does not use X-ray, but rather it emits radiofrequency waves unto a part of the body that is exposed to a magnetic field. With this, we can provide HD images and in different sequences. Like computerized tomography, the MRI can also be done with contrast if the exploratory diagnose requires it.


    • • Mammary MRI scan
    • • Spine MRI scan
    • • Hepatic MRI scan
    • • Supra-aortic trunks MRI scan
    • • Prostate MRI scan
    • • Brain angioresonance scan
    • • Abdominal angioresonance scan
    • • Renal angioresonance scan
    • • Lower limbs angioresonance scan


Magnetic resonance is painless, compared to other diagnostic techniques, and it does not emit ionizing radiation. The source of discomfort might come because of the intense noise that is generated during the scan. On the other side, the tube-shaped equipment can make some people feel claustrophobia; if that is your case, please tell it to the professional that will be performing the scan.


Bony densitometry is a test that enables the evaluation of the calcium density within bones, making it very useful for detecting and preventing early osteoporosis. The tests can be performed using a low dose of X-rays, but it can also be done by ultrasounds or radioactive isotopes. In any of those cases, it is a very simple technique, quick to do and not painful at all.

Densitometry is especially recommended for patients with elements that may boost their chances of osteoporosis showing up, like:

  • • Having a previous fracture
    • Having an early menopause (before age 45)
    • Having a menopause after a gynecologic surgery
    • Taking certain drugs, such as corticoids

Other diagnosis tests

  • • Puncture and biopsy guided by radiologic techniques
    • Varicose veins marking
    • Tilt-test

Som l'únic centre a Girona que ofereix el Tilt-test, una prova per al diagnòstic de la síncope.






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