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Health regeneration
through oxygen

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can solve vascular problems and ease the side effects of radiotherapy in oncologic patients, among other symptoms.

The most known applications for oxygen therapy are the urgent assistance to divers that have suffered from decompression sickness or intoxicated people because of bad heater combustion. However, in the Hyperbaric Clinic at the Costa Brava hospital, more than half of the patients make therapeutic sessions in the hyperbaric chamber to treat vascular diseases (ulcers or diabetes), injuries that do not heal, aseptic necrosis or consequences of radiotherapy.

Treatment in hyperbaric chamber

The hyperbaric treatment consists of the ministration of high-pressure oxygen to the patient, so there is an increase in blood concentration and how much is transferred to the tissues. This helps immensely with healing of soft tissue, scars and, in the case of intoxications; as it removes the carbon dioxide from the body while avoiding any consequences.

We are one of the two only centers equipped with hyperbaric chamber in Catalonia. Our unit works 24 hours, 365 days a year, where 6 doctors, 22 nursery professionals and 4 technicians work hard to serve your needs.

Our hyperbaric chamber has enough capacity for 8 patients simultaneously, which minimizes the feeling of loneliness and claustrophobia. Patients are accompanied at all times by our specialized staff that will help them with any query they might have.

Session length will be determined by the type of treatment. In programmed treatments, sessions can last up to 90 minutes. During this hour and a half, the patient gets oxygen through a mask, sitting comfortably in a chair. They can even read or listen to music, but they will be unable to use any electronic devices.

What does hyperbaric oxygen therapy offer?

With hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the transportation of oxygen within blood gets greatly increased. This allows oxygen to reach tissues and helps them heal; that means it is really effective to treat diabetes and other vascular diseases that causes ulcers that can’t be heal due to oxygen deficiency. This healing factor can successfully treat chronic infections such as osteomyelitis.

  • · Air embolism
  • · Carbon monoxide poisoning (and complex carbon monoxide poisoning by cyanide)
  • · Clostridial myositis and myonecrosis (gas gangrene)
  • · Crush injury, compartment syndrome and other traumatic ischemia
  • · Affectation by decompression

Arterial failures:

  • · Acute central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO)
  • · Healing improvement of selected difficult injuries
  • · Acute anemia
  • · Brain abscess
  • · Soft tissue necrotizing infections
  • · Osteomyelitis (recalcitrant)
  • · Delayed injury by radiation (soft and bony tissue necrosis)
  • · Frail grafts and flaps
  • · Thermal burn injuries
  • · Sudden sensory hearing loss

Our hyperbaric chamber can treat up to 8 patients simultaneously, that are accompanied by a nurse at all times.

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