Medical director Dr. Conxa Aviñó Farret. Rehab Specialist

Improvement to recover
quality of life

We are by your side when recovering and we help you improve your health status and life quality.

In the Rehabilitation clinic we provide you with a wide variety of techniques to reduce pain, recover your functionality and improve personal autonomy.

A steady team of professionals of multiple disciplines (rehab physician, physiotherapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist…) with extensive experience works coordinately and with every technical asset required to address the loss of autonomy of a patient.

We provide you with:

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy (tendonitis, sprain, fracture, prosthesis, etc.)

  • · Active and passive joint mobilization
  • · Muscle-tendon elongation
  • · Muscle-boosting exercises
  • · Electrostimulation of the atrophied muscles
  • · Reeducation, with decreasing aid, of bipedalism, walking, going up and down the stairs...

Physical treatments for pain

  • · Thermotherapy
  • · Analgesic and anti-inflammatory electrotherapy
  • · Magnetotherapy
  • · Vertebral traction

Respiratory physiotherapy

  • · Tips for bronchial drainage
  • · Stress retraining

Lymphedema rehabilitation

  • · Manual lymph drainage
  • · Pressotherapy

Occupational therapy

  • · Daily activity reeducation (basic and instrumental)
  • · Training and adjustment on labor rehabilitation

Neurologic rehabilitation

  • · Specific treatment for stroke sequelae (hemiplegia, dysphagia, aphasia)
  • · Specific treatment for Parkinson patients
  • · Treatment tailored for each step of the degenerative disorder

Speech therapy

  • · Aphasia and dysarthria evaluation. Speech and writing reeducation
  • · Dysphonia evaluation. Voice reeducation and vocal cord relaxation
  • · Dysphagia evaluation. Swallowing test and feeding patterns

Pelvic floor rehabilitation (urinary or anal incontinence and urogenital prolapse)

  • · Electrostimulation
  • · Electrical urinary relaxing
  • · Bio-feedback
  • · Posterior tibialis stimulation
  • · Kegel’s exercises
  • · Hypopressure techniques

Home-based rehabilitation, suited for patients that need to improve their autonomy within their house: walking, going up and down the stairs, personal hygiene, household chores, etc.


We work with a multidisciplinary team with all the latest technological assets to ensure your successful recovery.

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