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Non-surgical varicose veins treatment

Chemical sclerosis is a treatment to erase varicose veins lingering after a procedure, but it is also useful to eliminate the most anti-cosmetic varicose veins. The procedure is mostly painless and the patient will only feel the prick of a very thin needle for the injection and sometimes the itching of the sclerosing.

Chemical sclerosis can be performed in two ways, with or without microfoam.

Liquid sclerosis: a sclerosing liquid is injected inside the varicose vein that will result in an inflammatory reaction in the inner walls of the varicose vein, piecing them together and closing them.

Microfoam sclerosis: it makes use of the same product and method than the previous technique, but the injected sclerosing is more of a foam. This foam gets more product quantity inside of the varicose vein, which in turn increases the contact from the inner walls at the same density.

Both procedures are equally effective, the decision to use one or the other will be made by evaluating the characteristics of the varicose veins at hand.

In general, multiple sessions of these procedures are needed for the varicose veins to disappear, some weeks after starting the treatment. In response to the inflammatory reaction of the sclerosing, some skin spots may appear in the treated areas. It is advisable to wear compressive bandaging after the sclerosis and avoid sun exposure.

Chemical sclerosis is medically contraindicated for patients with history of venous thrombosis, pregnant women or nursing a baby, patients with serious diseases or known allergies to the injected product.

Chemical sclerosis can eliminate those anti-cosmetic varicose veins almost painlessly.


Dr. Jaume Gelonch Romeu. Director of the Surgery Clinic and Minimally Invasive Surgery specialist.

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