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Plastic mammary surgery

Plastic mammary surgery (otherwise known as mammoplasty) is a common procedure in our day to day in the hospital. It has evolved extensively these past years and the results right now are just excellent –totally natural shape and feel.

Cosmetic and plastic mammary surgery can reshape the size of these glands, whether is to make them bigger or smaller, or even reconstruct them in case of extirpation due to surgical interventions or accidents.

This procedure needs to be done with precision, expertise and professionalism to ensure the patient will be pleased with the result and that the new look is exactly what they asked for.


Breast agumentation

To achieve the desired augmentation, we need to use a good prosthesis. The skillful technique of the plastic surgeons of our clinic and the choice of the correct prosthesis are the basis to obtain harmonic breasts and an improved overall view.

The shape and composition of the prosthesis will be decided by the surgeon after a talk to perfectly understand the patient’s needs on their breasts. We will always strive to ensure the most natural look possible, because the placement of the implant will be subglandular.

On the same procedure, we can also lift the breasts if they are fallen or just not high enough (lifting or augmentation mastopexy).

There are different surgical techniques for every kind of person; we will use the most adequate and notify you on each step so we can make the decisions together. As previously said, we always looking for the most natural look possible; with scars that will fade in a short time.

More information about mammary implants:

The surgeon will make the decision about the kind of prosthesis that will be used after a long talk with the patient about the desired result. There are multiple ways to proceed to improve the look of the breasts, but we cannot act the same with every patient: the type of skin, age, the number of pregnancies, stretch marks, body development, daily exercise and many other variables can make us change our minds about which technique to use.

Mammary implants can be of silicone shell filled with a saline solution, gel-based silicone, hydrogel, animal-origin gelatin, soy oil… About its shape, they can be ball-shaped, tear-shaped or drop-shaped. We also have to keep in mind the characteristics of the body of the patient to select the right or desired size of the prosthesis. The incisions to insert them can be made in the areolae of the nipple, in the armpit area or in the sub-mammary crease.

For all of this, it is necessary to choose the right team of plastic surgeons like ours, that offers every guarantee of professionalism, safety and satisfaction with the end result.


Breast reduction

The reasons to consider a reduction mammoplasty can be just cosmetic, but there are also space and weight-related issues that can be easily solved with plastic surgery.

Like other plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, you need to put yourself in the hands of very specialized surgeons, because breast reduction can involve the reallocation of the areolae and nipples (since, after taking away the mammary tissue, they can end up off-centered) –that is why is needed a very subtle procedure to achieve both a harmonic and symmetric look.

The satisfaction ratio of female patients that have taken the surgery is very high, because it has drastically improved their quality of life.


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